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What college should I consider going to my top Choices are Florida, Famu and hcc?

My name is junior and I go to Leto high school #job #career #college-selection

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5 answers

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Alex’s Answer

This answer will depend on what you're looking for in your college experience.

Do you enjoy sports and is the college sports atmosphere and the ability to attend major football, basketball, baseball games an important factor?

If so, Florida is likely your choice.

Are you more concerned with academics and getting the best degree for your particular field of study?

If that's the case A&M is probably a better fit.

Community colleges can be great as well, particularly if your financial situation is an issue. You can often study at community college and get your general studies done the first two years at a much lower cost and then transfer to a bigger university once you determine what you'd like to major in.

Alex recommends the following next steps:

Talk to a local HS guidance counselor

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Stephine’s Answer

The type of college to attend should fit your personality and level of comfort. Do you like big size classes or smaller? Do you want to live closer to home or further away? How much does each school cost and how will your education be funded? Did you visit any schools ? What kind of housing and meal plans do they offer by year? Check each colleges statistics on graduation rates, crime, and graduates finding employment in their field.

These are all things to consider when choosing a college where you will spent four years of your life.

Stephine recommends the following next steps:

Have multiple conversations with the school admissions office.
Talk to your current guidance counselor and teachers.
Write a “compare and contrast” list for each college.
If you know your major, make sure the college has the discipline and has a strong program.

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Cheryl’s Answer

HBCU's are excellent choices, but there are not a lot of scholarships available. The cost could be a factor. Florida is awesome but you need a high GPA (average is 4.4 on a 4.0 scale, meaning you need lots of AP classes) as well as test scores (1360 SAT or 29 ACT). I am not familiar with HCC, but can tell you that your chances of getting into Florida or any other highly selective college are greater if you have 2 years college, with a decent GPA, under your belt. You could also transfer to FAMU too, saving some money.
You first need to figure out where you can get into. Google average GPA and sat for _____(name of university).
You also need to find out how much college costs. Sometimes, there is free money, through grants, scholarships, and state programs. Ask your counselor what is available to you. If your GPA is high and if you have high tests scores, you can look at highly selective colleges. If it's not, you can still get your game on at FAMU, because college is a fresh start. They still require a decent GPA, but test scores are less of a factor.
Community College is always an excellent option, because it buys you time to get grades up, and most of the time it is fully paid for when you fill out your FAFSA, provided your family doesn't make a lot of money (over 60k) . You can get an Associate Degree before you step foot on a big campus your third year. Plus, your chances go way up in terms of getting into a top college.
Hope this info gives you some things to think about. All paths are good...just pick one that works for you and your situation. The key is to be successful and not go into debt. You got this.

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Kahrie’s Answer

Hello there!

This a hard decision because you are very young. What is that you want to do? What do you to be? I think as far schools reflect on how much the institutions are helping you financially. And then go from there then i would think about how comfortable would i feel being far from home. Do you have a job or savings? See what the school offers you as a student.

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Sebastian’s Answer

My advice would be to take college tours of each institution just to get a feel for each one of their environments and look at the different curriculums based on the major you are looking at. I am from Miami and I currently go to FSU so I can say I am very familiar with Florida and FAMU. I have friends who go to both and they all love going to school there. I would say that the biggest difference is their environments since FAMU is in Tallahassee which is the state capital and has a bigger city feel than Florida which is in Gainesville. I currently live in Tallahassee and I previously lived in Gainesville for a year so I know both cities well. I love both cities but as a younger person I will say that Tallahassee has more to do since it's just a bigger city. I think you can't go wrong with either one but I would say visit each campus and get to know each city before choosing.