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Jenise B. Jan 18, 2018 422 views

Better relationship with Advisor?

I want to interact with my advisor better. I know going more to their office is a way to do that but I'm not sure what to ask them about. What are some general topics that would spark communication? #academic-advising...


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Hannah G. Feb 28, 2020 221 views

What are some good English majors in a lot of colleges?

I like to read and write. #college...


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Joshua K. Mar 06, 2020 185 views

What is the best free online SAT practice?

I'm a sophomore in high school in Orange County, CA and I'm looking for free and/or low-cost resources and training materials for SAT prep. I have a 3.6 GPA and need particular help in reading comprehension. #sat #college-prep #college-admissions #studying-tips...


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Miguel Angel C. Mar 11, 2020 187 views
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Junior G. Mar 13, 2020 157 views
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Jose G. Mar 13, 2020 161 views

What are the things I need to be an automotive technician, which college will be the best?

Hi my name is Jose G. and I want to be an automotive technician.One of my strength is that am good at hands on.I'm good at following directions and getting the job done.My weakness is that I'm a little lazy and I need to focus more. #college #mechanic...


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Adam B. Mar 13, 2020 171 views

do you have to go to college to go to dental school?

two things that I’m good at is talking to people and getting stuff done when I have too I have always wondered if you have to go to college to go to dental school. #dentistry #career #job #college...


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James N. Mar 18, 2020 180 views

How I should make my way into a wildland firefighting career?

I'm a senior in high school in Texas and I was wondering how I should make my way into a wildland firefighting career. I have been accepted into college but I'm not sure if I want to go and I don't know if it will be necessary for wildland firefighting. I don't want to waste 20k dollars on...

#fire-fighter #career #college #firefighter #wildfire

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Tulsi M. Mar 19, 2020 164 views

What courses involve psychology and pharmaceutical-psychology? What colleges offer these courses?

I have completed my bachelors and masters in pharmaceutical from India. And after moving in USA l’m looking for further study in psychology and psychology-pharmaceutical combine course. Which have future growth in jobs market too. #psychology #psychology-pharmaceutical #great growth in job...

#pharmaceutical #college #pharmacy #course

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nhan P. Mar 24, 2020 226 views

My question for the future is to do things that future careers make it difficult to practice?

My name is Nhan, I'm a student from high school. My age is 17 and I play soccers pretty well. I am also an immigrant to the United States. English is my second language so to communicate w. so the fact that I need to learn hard, a lot of English and try is essential so that I can get along...

#college #student

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Henry L. Apr 12, 2020 164 views

College courses to become a cardiologist??

My parents urge me to become a doctor, or more specifically a cardiologist. What courses am I supposed to take once I get in college to follow that path? Is it different than other kinds of doctors? #college #college-major...


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Jeff S. Apr 17, 2020 96 views
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Adam A. Apr 25, 2020 251 views

How can I get scholarships to go to college

I am graduating this year and scared of not being able to pay for college. So I am seeking anyone’s on how I can get good scholarships to help me pay for college. There a bunch on the internet but a lot are just false ads. #scholarship #money #financial-aid...