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Do you have to have a certain GPA to play football in collage?

well im 15 i love football i want to get through school and hopefully have a fair chance to play football#BallingfaJJ #college-applications

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3 answers

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Summer’s Answer

Generally, you will most likely only need to maintain the GPA that the university requires for good standing. Usually this coincides with the NCAA's GPA requirements. If you only want to play club or intramural football, then there probably isn't a minimum GPA besides what the university requires.

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Cheryl’s Answer

You need to meet the NCAA eligibility requirements if you want to play college ball. You can get the exact numbers you need by going on the NCAA Eligibility Center website. http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future
Typically, the higher your GPA, the lower required ACT or SAT score is required. So, your best move is to keep your GPA as high as you can, and to take classes that get you ready for college. Take some college prep classes as you build academic confidence. You do not need to take a boatload of them, but you do need to prove to YOURSELF and to the college that you are capable of doing college level work. Also, coaches want players they can rely on, in high school and college! Aim for a minimum 2.75, and go for over a 3.5. See your teacher or counselor for tips to earn these grades. Simply telling your teacher your goals will gear them up to want to help you achieve your goals. BUT, you have to do your part. That means show up to ALL your classes and on time and do the required work. This alone will make your test scores and major project grades go up. I can guarantee your grades will go up CONSIDERABLY if you just do these few things. There are also free SAT and ACT practice tests online with great answer keys. Do this up front so you can get a decent score on your first try. Your goal is not to work harder, but simply to work smarter. :)
If you experience any difficulties with the above, see your counselor and teachers to help you problem solve . It is their responsibility and desire to help you succeed. You got this!

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Adam’s Answer

Each school and each conference has their own GPA requirements but they typically the same across the board. This is similar to your high school and the league/organization that the state or conference is associated that mandate certain requirements such as those.