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What are the steps in becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner?

I am in the 9th grade and i would like to know the steps that i would have to go through to become a pediatric nurse practitioner #nurse #pediatrics

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Charles McEwen’s Answer

Salutations! I hope this finds you doing well, as starting HS is a challenge in itself, LOL. So if you don't mind be being a little forward may I ask, why pediatric nurse practitioner? If it's only for $$, don't bother, you'll spend a lot of $$ on your education and burnout quick. If something happened, e.g. Loss of a brother, sister, friend, etc., sparked your interest, I'd say, "GO FOR IT". This is a LOOONNNGGG Road to travel. So let's piece this together for you. FIRST, what level of a degree do you want to start at, Associates Degree or Bachelors Degree (highly recommended)? If you obtain your Bachelors in Science of Nursing (BSN), you want to work in a pediatric unit for at least a couple of years. Nurse Practitioner is now converting to a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, so after you obtain your BSN (or if you went ASN first, then BSN first), you'd take the GRE exam (and I highly suggest you take a prep course, as it's a bear!). Once GRE is finished, you should have already selected a school you like. My first suggestion is find a program that suites you. There is Pediatric NP-Acute Care (in hospital environment) or Pediatric NP-Primary Care (my certification) and that a person who sees children in the doctors office from newborn through 18 (sometimes 21). One you figure out which certification you want, looks for schools that offer it. Apply for DNP program, and that is the basis for becoming an Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP). Once you finish, a lot of people will have their first job where they did their clinical placements, so do well in clinical and make an awesome impression! That's my biggest piece of advice. Also, your grades have to be really good to get into DNP program, so no slacking in your undergraduate studies. Seek out leadership roles and join societies, e.g. President of UMASS Student Nurses Association, etc. (you get the point), and join something like National Student Nurses Association (NSNA.org) as well as your school SNA. Don't be afraid to run for class representative, and when you become a senior, for Class President or office of some type. But before you do that, while in High School (HS), get great grades, join clubs or play sports, volunteer, etc. , as nursing schools look for well-rounded people. I have no doubt you'll be great if you stay on this path. I know it's overwhelming right now, but just keep plugging away, you'll get there!! Good luck and head up!