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How much does a Counselor make??

I have a B.A. counseling in Biblical Counseling

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4 answers

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James’s Answer

Hey Randall,

It is a bit difficult to share an estimated salary because your salary depends on the institution you choose to enter. With a Biblical Counseling degree, you may qualify to be a Biblical Counselor or Pastor at the local church, be a chaplain in the hospital or hospice (though hospital will require CPE credits), or work at a Christian University/Seminary. Unfortunately, you cannot do military chaplaincy because you would need a graduate level degree.

If you wanted to do one on one counseling in a therapy setting, you will have to pursue higher education to become a LMFT (Licensed Marital and Family Therapist) or psychologist by pursuing a Masters in MFT, PhD, or PsyD.

If you could specify which industry you'd like to enter or what type of counselor you'd like to be, I can provide a clearer answer regarding salary.

James recommends the following next steps:

Consider going to graduate school.
Think about the industry you see yourself in.
Think about what type of counselor you are trying to be.
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Cayla’s Answer

Hello Randall,

The general range salary for a biblical counselor is $15k-$84k in the United States. The average being $40,000. It depends on how may years you have counseled others and academic degree.

I hope that helped.

Good luck!
Good answer. David Tomanio, SPHR, M.B.A., Ph.D.
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Katie’s Answer

Hi! I'm a school counselor, which is different than biblical counseling. My school had a pastoral counseling graduate degree, but I have no idea what they make or who they serve. I do know that our church has a pastoral counseling ministry, which I think charges clients who can afford it similar to private counseling. Well I'm guess Maryland doesn't pay as well as California. I'm in my 15th year and my salary is around $70,000. We are on the same schedule as the teacher salaries, but we get a bump up for having a masters degree and another other certifications you might have.
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Dwight’s Answer

My experience is in public education, so I will speak about that venue. Your salary depends on your degree and years of experience. Currently, at the top of your pay scale you'll probably break six figures, but you'll start somewhere in the low $60,000 range.

Dwight recommends the following next steps:

Keep getting credits in your field.
A lot of schools won't even see you for an interview if you don't have teaching experience, so if working in schools is your goal you might need to get some teaching experience too.
These days counseling has shifted to dealing with anxiety and depression a lot more, so gain experience in working that population.