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David Tomanio, SPHR, M.B.A., Ph.D.

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Stas’s Avatar
Stas Jan 29, 2020 429 views

What Marine Biology based jobs do you have?

#marine-biology #biology #science

KAREN’s Avatar
KAREN Mar 21, 2020 638 views

Should I pursue postgraduate studies?

#graduate-school #teaching #professor #college

cheyenne’s Avatar
cheyenne May 11, 2018 601 views

Is it better to have an Associates degree or a Bachelors degree in Radiography?

I'm entering the Medical Imaging program at college this fall to become a radiology technician. I'm wondering if it would be better to get an associates degree or bachelors. #medicine #medical-imaging #radiography

Jalen’s Avatar
Jalen Mar 24, 2020 578 views

Can you help me see what career is best for me?

I'm still undecided and I'm in college. #help #undecided #college

David’s Avatar
David Mar 24, 2020 803 views

My school district has shut down for an extra week in my area due to COVID-2019 which isn't a big deal. As a senior tho it is hard to think that they might cancel school. I've been hearing rumors and even seeing in some news articles the state of Texas might postpone school for the rest of the year 2019-2020. I'm worried about how that'll affect me not gonna lie. Whether colleges think I failed to what job I apply for in the future... Any tips or advice? Thanks in advanced!

#college-advice #student #college #school #uncertain #covid-19

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Mar 25, 2020 853 views

With COVID-19 happening, how can I get a job in the following fields: data, analytics, or business?

I am a college freshman who has experience in all three of these fields through internships, research positions, and other leadership opportunities. I'm wondering how the virus will effect me being able to get a job/internship in the future? #COVID-19 #data-science #analytics #data-analytics...