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what is the best way to become a med flight pilot?

Its been my life long dream to be a med flight #pilot

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3 answers

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Carlos "Danny"’s Answer

Hello Jorden,

The first thing you have to do to become a med flight pilot is to become a pilot. The goal is to get at least your FAA CPL (Commercial Pilots License) FIRST. This will allow you to Legally get compensated for hire (get paid for flying). Now how do you obtain your CPL?
1- The process starts by first getting your FAA PPL (Private Pilots License),
2- After that I suggest getting your Instrument Rating. This add on to your PPL will allow you to, in simple terms, fly under low visibility condition using just instruments inside the airplane (For Example: flying in the clouds where you can not see anything outside the window). This rating will not only make you a better and safer pilot but it’s also a requirement to have your CPL.
3- After that and depending on what school or training facility you choose, you will most likely have to build up your flight Hours. Like I mentioned earlier, how many hours will depend on the school and course you picked. Once you have the minimum required hours, flight training and ground training your instructor will sign your logbook off so you can take your written test, oral and practical exam with a FAA Check Airman.

The above is just a brief summary on how to obtain your CIVIL licenses (Military route is a little different).It may sound simple enough but it takes time, dedication and of course money. Also, the steps I previously mentioned are the basic and most common steps to obtain a CPL...but there are many combinations or ways to get it. There multiple combinations of rating and/or licenses you can get. For example: you can do all your flying in a Multi Engine airplane, on a sea plane, do helicopter flying, start with single engine and then add the multi engine or vice versa, helicopter, etc.

Once you obtain your CPL, this will open the door to, hopefully, multiple opportunities in aviation. You can become a flight instructor to build your hours and experience, you can go the airline route, corporate route, and of course Med Flight route, etc.

So if your dream and passion is to become a pilot (Med flight pilot) I do not see why you couldn’t do it. I Started flying when I was 16 and twenty one years later I still love every time I get in a cockpit. It’s a very rewarding, fun and challenging job.

Hope this helps you have a better idea on how to become a Pilot and where to start. I am not sure where you live but my suggestion is that you start looking/contacting flight schools in your area or Universities, such as Embry-Riddle, where you can fly and get your degree in one place. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you or answer for you.

Thanks for your answer,and to become a medflight pilot I want to go to warrent officer canidite school to become a pilot in the army.plus in the army I will get a lot of flight hours.(here in ohio the required amounnt of flight hours for medflight is 1000 but I think they have hired some who only had like 400) Jorden C.

Awesome. Go get it!!! Carlos "Danny" Azara

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Hrishikesh’s Answer

I can think of two different kinds of "med flight" - Medical Evacuation (medevac) pilots, who almost always fly helicopters and carry people in critical conditions from their current location to a hospital, and "Air Ambulance" pilots, who are flying patients between facilities, which may be helicopter operations or airplane operations.

Assuming US regulations (I don't see your location mentioned), you need a commercial pilot certificate for the appropriate type of aircraft (i.e. commercial helicopter or commercial airplane). Commercial Helicopter is rather expensive, and most helicopter pilots are military trained (or coast guard, which in the US is a part of the military). Commercial airplane ratings can be obtained on your own, contact a few local flight schools for information about how to go about it.

All this said, medevac/air ambulance aren't the only commercial pilot jobs available, there are plenty of others to consider as well if you want to be a pilot. (There's a wealth of information on Reddit's Flying community too - http://reddit.com/r/flying)

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Lecia’s Answer

many pilots are prior military trained. that would be a good way to determine if you have the skills to do this job. you can also self pay for flight school which can be expensive.