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to become a bank manager what course should take

i have completed my 10th bank

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2 answers

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Faten’s Answer

You will have to study something related to finance.
You should start as a teller and then move to a managerial position (i.e. head of operations) then assistant branch manager then eventually branch manager.
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Nandu’s Answer

Hi Sowmya,
Bank manager job post which has been best job post for which entrance exam has been conducted by own banks department

Eligibility for the bank manager job post :

  1. you should be passed the bachelor degree with atleast 65% marks from any recognized university

  2. age must be between the 21 to 30 years

  3. Indian citizen

selection process ;
1. Written test
2. Interview
3. GD

Written test syllabus :
1. Reasoning
2. Aptitude
3. General knowledge
4. General english
5. Logical and analytical ability etc
Wish you all the best in preparing for it.