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I want to be a officer in bank. What should I do after class 10?

Asked Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Hi! I am class 10 student. My aim is to become Bank Manager. Would you please tell me what should I do after class 10? #manager #banking #bank #commercial-banking #online-banking

2 answers

Qiang (John)’s Answer

Updated Carmel, Indiana

You can go to a college and get a BS/BA in accounting or finance. Then you can build your skills if you get a job in a bank after graduation. Math skill, personal skill and communication skill are important.

aftab’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

after class 10th, you have to take up PUC in commerce, after that BCOM & later you have many banking exams which you can apply & get into banking sector.