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Joan Nov 12, 2019 694 views

What are some of the benefits of working as an engineer?

What are the plus-sides of working such a technology-driven job. #hardware #engineer #hardwareengineer #engineering #software-engineering #science #programming

C’s Avatar
C Nov 30, 2019 908 views

How to start a career in HR

Where can you gain some experiences in HR industry?
Do you really need a degree in HR in order to land a job?
What are some tools/software commonly used by HR professionals?


Kota’s Avatar
Kota May 13, 2020 1029 views

How to start a career in networking ?

I am a student and I want to career in networking how? #networking #cybersecurity#cloud computing #IoT #career

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Jul 12, 2020 1779 views

Pro and cons of working in human resourses

#human-resources #healthcare

Abhinav’s Avatar
Abhinav Jul 10, 2020 577 views

After my 12th grade which exam should I write to join in robotic engineering colleges??

#educator #college

Toluwanimi’s Avatar
Toluwanimi Jun 22, 2020 1324 views

What are the different pathways to becoming a sports medicine physician?

I have a B.S in Biochemistry. love sports and I hope to combine my passion for sports with my desire to be a doctor. Are there other fields of medicine other than Orthopedic surgery that afford me the opportunity to work with professional athletes? #medicine #sports #sportsmedicine

Shah’s Avatar
Shah Jun 20, 2016 1052 views

I want to be a officer in bank. What should I do after class 10?

Hi! I am class 10 student. My aim is to become Bank Manager. Would you please tell me what should I do after class 10? #manager #banking #bank #commercial-banking #online-banking

Rainer’s Avatar
Rainer Apr 23, 2020 796 views

What are essential skills for a mechanical engineer?

If I were to gain these skills( both soft and technical ) , and I could apply anywhere with these skills within the mechanical industries, what would they be?
#mechanical-engineering #engineering #mechanical-engineer #engineer #skill

Samyukta’s Avatar
Samyukta Jun 27, 2020 10952 views

What's the exact difference between a Psychologist, a Psychiatrist and a Neurologist?

I know the gist of the differences between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist...but it would really help to know the exact differences {including average salary differences} between these three branches. #psychiatry #psychology #counseling #neuroscience #medical #doctor #medicine

Ritvik’s Avatar
Ritvik Jun 19, 2020 2324 views

What careers and jobs are available for me if i am interested in mathematics?

#engineering #math #career-path

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Takarai Jun 27, 2018 823 views

How many years does a doctor go to school?


Threnesh’s Avatar
Threnesh Jun 15, 2019 597 views

what career is suited for me


Vinayaka’s Avatar
Vinayaka May 12, 2016 823 views

After completing the 10th what can i do for mechanical engineer

I have completed 10th, so i want to became a mechanical engineer, please help me #engineer

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 10, 2020 2605 views

What if I can't handle college?

#college #college-advice

Sharar’s Avatar
Sharar Jul 13, 2020 1390 views

I don't know what to pursue in, and I can't find motivation to find it either.

I don't feel motivated by anything to try and find out what I want to do. I thought I might've have wanted to go into the computer science field, but now I realized that it's not the direction I think I should go. So I don't know what I want to do now. #career #computer-science #career-choice...