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aishwarya A. May 03, 2016 808 views

What degree should I choose to become a bank manager?

i have completed 2nd puc with commerce but do not know what degree I should pursue to become a bank manager in India. #manager #bank #finance #business...


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shahid S. May 03, 2016 794 views

How can I become a mechanical engineer?

I'm going to 1st PUC in India and would like to know what subjects I should study to become an engineer. #software #engineering #mechanical-engineering #college...


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Vinayaka A. May 12, 2016 464 views

After completing the 10th what can i do for mechanical engineer

I have completed 10th, so i want to became a mechanical engineer, please help me...


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Bharath M. May 23, 2016 835 views
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k A. May 24, 2016 645 views

What is CareerVillage?

I do not understand how this website works....


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Shah F. Jun 20, 2016 608 views

I want to be a officer in bank. What should I do after class 10?

Hi! I am class 10 student. My aim is to become Bank Manager. Would you please tell me what should I do after class 10? #manager #banking #bank #commercial-banking...


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Mujtaba M. Jun 22, 2016 613 views
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Tamara S. Jun 23, 2016 1938 views
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Abdul M. Jun 28, 2016 341 views

i have completed my 10th by scoring 86% and started studying diploma in govt college E.E.branch..but after 2nd semester i left the course due to financial probleem in my family,,

but now i want to continue studying but my age is 22..but i cant study for 3years from now.. so sir please guide me by suggesting any short term courses in which i can get easily highly paid jobs...i can study and score in any field.. please do reply...


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Threnesh K. Jun 15, 2019 208 views