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Are there many legitimate online careers?

I see a lot of ads about online careers. A lot of them seem too good to be true. Being able to work from home, online, and make a good amount of money, etc. The ones I have seen just seem like a scam. Are there really legitimate, reliable careers that allow you to work from home? #online #online-fraud

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2 answers

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Gary’s Answer

Yes, unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there. There are some good online careers out there but it will take some work to find them. I am 100% remote in my career but I started out in the office, in a cubicle and worked my way up to telecommuting.
I would suggest checking out a few websites...virtualvocations dot come, flexjobs dot com, indeed dot com (and enter remote or telecommuting as the location). Also, go for forbes dot com and type in telecommuting jobs... you will find 10+ companies that hire telecommuters quite a bit. There are some jobs that are suited for telecommuting as well...medical billing/insurance/coding, accounting, some inside sales, customer service and technical support jobs as well.
good luck! :)

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Lena’s Answer

Yes, there are jobs in almost every industry that would allow you to work from home or spend a limited amount of time in the office. That said, there are indeed many scams that try to lure people in to giving up personal and private information to take advantage of you too. Thoroughly researching the company you are interested in can help you in weeding out the real one from the fake ones. Keep in mind, if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is!
Rather than focusing your search specifically on "Work from home" opportunities however, I recommend trying to narrow down what type of role and perhaps what industry you would be most interested or skilled in. A great number of employers today understand the value in offering employees flexible work arrangements. Just because a position is not advertised as "work from home" does not mean that the employer wouldn't allow you to telework for some if not all of your work week. When interviewing, ask what sort of flexible work arrangements are available both for that role as well as with the company in general. Keep in mind that you may need to start out working in the office to learn essential skills and training necessary to your employer and/or position and may then be able to transition into working from home.