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what do i need to become athletic trainer

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4 answers

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Vivien’s Answer

If you want to be nationally certified, you’ll need to complete a CAATE accredited masters program.
If you have a desire state to work in, you can look into those states license requirement. However, you will likely unable to work in any other state.

To be nationally certified, you’ll first need to complete a bachelor degree. Technically could be in any field of study, but it’ll be beneficial if it’s in related field (kinesiology, biology, physics, etc). You’ll also need observation hours, contact local high school athletic trainers for those. You can do that while completing your bachelor and contact your interested master program for their log sheet that they use, or you can have your own log sheet at any point (while you’re still in high school or college). Make sure you keep contact with the athletic trainer that you have complete your hours with, have them sign and verify those hours. It’ll also be beneficial if you continue observation hours once you’ve started.

The sooner you look into which program you’re interested the better. Although prerequisite classes are fairly similar across programs, some may require specific classes to take.

Once you’ve complete all prerequisite, all you’ll need to do is the interview, enroll in a program, complete the program, take the exam, and pass.

Vivien recommends the following next steps:

Decide if you want to get nationally certified or stay local.
Look into state requirement if staying local.
If national, obtain bachelor degree, better in related field.
Look into AT masters program, and their requirement.
Complete prerequisite requirement for interested program.

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Lewis’s Answer

Not the field I'm in, but I work for a professional sports organization that employs athletic trainers for the team. I reached out to our training staff and this was one of their responses:

You need to first get an undergraduate degree, making sure you take the required prerequisites for the graduate athletic training program you would be applying to. In general these can range from anatomy and physiology, biomechanics or physics, chemistry and/or biology, and psychology courses. Once you complete you athletic training education in graduate school, you would then be eligible to sit for the Board of Certification Exam. Attached are a couple of inks with overviews of education



Hope this helps, as it's directly from a professional working in this field for top tier athletes! Good luck.

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Jose’s Answer

As mentioned, it varies by state however a solid base is studying kinesiology and eventually get certified.

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Maureen’s Answer

each state varies it's requirements, you need to have a high school diploma or GED and formal education in training as well as licensure or certification in your state

Maureen recommends the following next steps:

check out personal training requirement in the state of Massachusetts using google