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What is the best option in pursuing a career in pharmacy? Should I complete the coursework in 2 years and then apply to pharmacy school, or should I get a bachelor's degree first?

I'm asking this question because I want to know what is the best route for pursuing a career in pharmacy. #pharmacy #pharmacists

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2 answers

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Abdul Vaajid’s Answer

Hello, Devrick

Personally I did 2 years of coursework, got associate degree and completed prepharamcy courses for multiple pharmacy schools. I had to maintain my GPA close to perfect and include lot of pharmacy related work experience/volunteeer work/extra curricular activity to get in the pharmacy school. Also having a great PCAT score will also help.

I would suggest you to get a bachelors if possible, there two benefits to have that:
1. You will be preferred candidate when applying to a pharmacy school
2. Having bachelors will allow you to pursue additional degree post pharmacy school, such as a JD or MBA or MPH degrees.

Hope this helps.

thank you! shaheen S.

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Ashley’s Answer

From what I have heard, it depends on if you want to work in a hospital or retail. Retail do the 2 years but the hospital, stay in for the long haul