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Is it hard to get a job in the theater department?

Hello! I have a serious passion for theater and it's something I wake up every morning waiting to do. Are the jobs hard to find? #actor #theater

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Ld’s Answer

Hi Alex, I hope I can give you a halfway decent answer! I'm actor in Los Angeles and, while I have some theater work, it is not what I'm pursuing most of the time. There are a few questions which you've got to consider. First, are you looking to work "behind the scenes" in the theater crew, or are you interested in becoming an actor? Be advised that only a small percentage of people who work in the entertainment industry earn enough to make a living specifically doing what they do, and those jobs are only going to be in larger cities (New York, Chicago, LA, Atlanta, Seattle, etc). Crew positions, behind the scenes, are valuable. If you haven't done so, get involved with community theater in your own town; I'm sure they're always looking for more people, and any experience you can get doing that stuff is good. All of the lighting, sound and technical stuff has a lot of 'crossover' capacity, where you can get a job working at really large events such as at civic centers, etc., or possibly for bands playing in local venues. Regarding being crew in TV and Film, seek out local film groups on sites such as "Meetup.com" and volunteer to work on set for projects. It's very possible to come to Los Angeles and find work at a small production company, but the pay is probably low, the hours are long (like 14-hour days), and plus it's super-expensive to live here, so you may need a second job to keep up with the rent. That's tough. If you're interested in becoming an actor, audition! Get on stage, get parts, get speaking roles, get credits and experience! Take acting lessons and study "Stanislavsky technique." Also, study Improvisation - that's good for anyone. Websites such as "Backstage.com" and "Actorsaccess.com" list parts available for auditions, but get a good "head shot" photograph to use. If you're near Chicago, sign up for Improvisation courses at Second City -- they are superb. Try to get into their conservatory if you can.