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Best Website to Practice NISM Mock Tests for Free?

I am an aspirant of NISM certification exam and I want to pass this exam in first attempt. Please give me some suggestions on free NISM mock tests websites.
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2 answers

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Pramod’s Answer

Hello, I will inform you about the best website to practice online NISM Mock Tests for Free. The name of the website is TestMocks. TestMocks provides NISM Mock Tests / NISM Practice Exams, Study Material to help you pass real NISM / NCFM Certification Examinations. All the NISM examinations are of premium quality and completely free. You can practice NISM mock exams without registration on this website - testmocks.com/exams/nism. I hope that you will find these mock tests useful in passing your NISM Certification Exams.

Thank you for quick reply - this is really good website - all the mock tests are free. Raja B.

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Carlos’s Answer

Hi Raja!

First, let me commend you on taking on such a dope challenge that is the NISM cert. exam. The best AND free website that I am familiar with is of the Financial Institute of Financial Markets.

Below, I have provided you with the link to their NISM section that is composed of 16 different series of mock exams for a variety of nitches. You can go in and read the description for each and choose where you will want to start!

I wish you the best of luck!