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How can you gain experience in the Forensic Science field before majoring in it?

Asked Mineral, Virginia

After taking several science classes I started to gain an interest in certain areas of science ,with one of them being forensic science. #biologist #forensic-scientist

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Fredericka’s Answer

Updated La Grange, Illinois

Hi Paige! I'm glad you asked this question. Choosing a major -- and staying with it -- can be tough. It sounds like you are already thinking ahead. I think one of the best ways to evaluate forensics is to talk with someone already doing the work. They can tell you how the job was when they started, how it is now and for you, where it looks like it is going. I have often said there are now a whole lot of colleges and universities offering a forensic major. It is a cool job. But, there are not a lot of lab jobs and they are difficult to get. Back to the major...I think you should consider hanging out for a day with the "forensic" department of the college. The professors can tell you about the projects they are working on and an idea of the types of classes you would have to take. A neat ply to forensics is that it opens a lot of others doors in law enforcement (special agent, diversion agent or intelligence analyst). Please call or email if you would like more info.