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Whats the difference between a Physcian Assistant and a Nurse Practitioner?

I am so confused about the difference between a PA and a Nurse Practitioner! I know that you have to work a bit as a nurse and then go back to school for a nurse practitioner, and a PA goes to work as soon as they graduate, without having to go back to school. (I think!) Is there any other differences? Thanks! #nursing #physician

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Great question Angelina. Both PA and NP have Masters Degree. however, PA undergraduate degree could be in anything (for example: History) and then go on for Masters. PAs must work closely with a physician in their clinical s and their career.
NPs as you are aware first are nurses with their undergraduate degree in nursing, then work for a year for experience and then onto Masters. Working gives you experience, confidence and a broader view of where you would like to focus your career. Lastly, depending on the state of your practice, you may have full authority. That is, you would not require a collaborative physician. You would be automatous.

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Paul’s Answer

autonomous- acting independently or having the freedom to do so