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Is LinkedIn the best place for job hunting? How do I ensure that recruiters seek me through LinkedIn?

I am a fresh graduate looking for entry level jobs. I recently created a LinkedIn account as I was told that it can be used for effective job hunting. I applied for several jobs through it and haven't gotten any replies yet. I try to keep my profile as strong as possible but unable to get recruiters to seek me. Is there better way to get connected with recruiters as I know networking increases the chances of getting job offers. career linkedin-recruiter job-hunting

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3 answers

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Gary’s Answer

Good question, any place you look for a job is good in my opinion...I would not rely on just one source though, use every job website, job board, career centers, etc. that you can. I think LinkedIn is good for making connections with Recruiters looking to fill job, there are some good jobs listed there too. Other good and popular websites are Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, your local Workforce agency if there is one, FlexJobs and Virtualvocations charge a small fee but have good jobs including telecommuting/remote jobs.
Social media is good for job searching too, you can like and visit pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others related to jobs, careers and job search.
good luck!

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Angie’s Answer

Always be updating your resume and profile on LinkedIn whenever you do anything related to business. This can include volunteering, projects you work on, or anything else that employers would look for. The best ways to stand out on LinkedIn is to be genuine. I also recommend researching other top company executives to see what they include in their profiles to give you inspiration on what to include in your profile.

Angie recommends the following next steps:

Research other people's profiles to find best practices. Never take directly but use as a guide to help build from your own experience.
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Lindsey’s Answer

If you want recruiters to know you're open to opportunities on LinkedIn, you have to indicate that in your profile. It's super easy - there's a button you click! Go to the jobs section of LinkedIn. Under the search bars, you'll see another bar for 'saved jobs,' 'applied jobs,' and then you'll see a little pencil icon next to Career interests. Click 'Career interests' and you'll be taken to a page where you can set your preferences for the type of job you're looking for. The very first item is 'Let recruiters know you're open' and click to turn that setting ON. Voila!

I do think that LinkedIn and Indeed are the two best sites for job searching right now. Hope that helps!