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Do you believe accounting is boring (college classes/ career)?

Asked Watchung, New Jersey

I'm going to be starting college this fall as an accounting major, but now I'm not so sure because everyone's telling me that it's not an interesting field to be in. #accounting #major

5 answers

Kevin’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Accounting (and Finance) are truly the language of business. They can touch every aspect of every business in every industry! That being said, there are certain types of career paths you can choose that in my opinion are more interesting than others. I've had many friends go into public accounting (Deloitte, PwC, E&Y, etc.) and most of their entry level work is auditing. This can become dull to many as it's not affecting the business and feels more like it's on the back end as a control point. I currently work at Dell and work in M&A accounting. Our team gets to help prepare financial statements and other information for when Dell divests (sells) or acquires (buys) business units. Personally, I find this very interesting as it touches all aspects of the business. You need to be able to find data and understand the data for every line on a balance sheet or income statement for example. There is also a very tangible outcome in terms of a purchase of the business unit you help carve out or vice versa. Don't be deterred and know that you can have tons of flexibility in what you do with your accounting degree. I would also recommend taking as many Finance courses as possible.

Abbas’s Answer


No, I can't think so. Accounting and Finance is an interesting subject. If you have excellent grip over your subject you will enjoy it and earn from it. If you are feeling difficulties while studying accounting and Finance let me introduce a free online Accounting and Finance learning source which will be helpful to you to get clear your concepts. From this website, you can learn about basic and advanced accounting, cost and management accounting, Accounting and Finance MCQs Tests and much more. Hope this will be helpful to revisit your thinking.


Abbas Ahmad

Uttara’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Depends on who you talk to! It also depends on your personality. You should make a list of all possible majors you could take, and see which ones might be interesting to you. If not accounting, what else could you do. For instance, some people really like dentistry, and others cannot imagine looking at people's teeth all day everyday. Similarly, some people will find accounting boring, but others might enjoy it. Maybe take a few classes in accounting and see if you like it.You may be able to change the major if accounting is not your thing.

Kim’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Just like Uttara said... it depends. If you like structure and rules to guide you while still using creativity to solve an issue - accounting is for you. Remember, just because your degree is in accounting doesn't mean that you have to work your entire career in accounting. I'm currently doing audit work but also have worked in many roles including financial system implementations. You use what you learn, build on it, and apply it to different roles. If pursuing an accounting degree you would have several true accounting classes but many of them come from different aspects of accounting like government accounting, non-profit accounting, business law, forensic accounting, tax, etc. Best of luck!

Rose’s Answer

Updated Ashburn, Virginia

Work is boring when you do not understand its purpose. With a good education, you rarely do mindless tasks. The better your skills are developed, the more creative and valuable your insights. At the beginning of your career, expect to churn through boring calculations to create standard reports.