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How does neonatal nursing mentally effect you?

I know that when you are a neonatal nurse you are dealing with very fragile and sick newborns, a lot of times things don't go right, how does that effect a person long term? #neonatal #nicu

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Zee’s Answer

That's a great question. It depends on many factors such as mental health, past experiences, and just life perspective . Every case is different and one baby may trigger an emotional reaction from you.

We just never know when that may happen. The heartbreak makes us stronger and shows us that we too are human. I would suggest having a therapist or chaplain at work ( most hospitals provide that for us) to debrief with after difficult cases.

thank you! shaheen S.


This really helped. I will definitely remember this when I start going into the career field. Thank you! Alicia M.

This is a really helpful answer, thank you, Zee Sellers!! Angelina P.

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