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How do you know that the college you are going to will educate you enough to get you hired over someone else?

Asked Stanford, California

I was in the middle of two nursing colleges and couldn't decide which one would be better for me in the long run. #educator #entrepreneur #healthcare-it

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Teresa’s Answer

Updated Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Madison- I see from your question date that it might be too late to offer advise- But I wanted to let you know that as a nursing manager who hires nurses, I am more likely to put emphasis on the interview than the school. I have applicants that have graduated from many different schools across the country and have been very satisfied with their preparedness. Nurses all must pass the NCLEX exam and schools are focused to prepare their students for this exam. This really helps to standardize many of the schools approaches. I would recommend that you obtain a BSN to increase your choices when you graduate because hospitals who are MAGNET status require BSN for hire. Best of luck! Teresa

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