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What is the DAW of choice for engineers in the field of Mass Communications, i.e radio

I would like to know which program to use and become efficient in when I enter the radio broadcasting industry. #radio-broadcasting #radio-host #broadband-networks #public-radio

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B.J.’s Answer

There isn't really a consistent industry standard DAW, but the two most common in radio are probably Adobe Audition (now part of the Creative Cloud suite) and ProTools. ProTools is more or less the standard in the music production world, but there are a lot of engineers, composers, and musicians who prefer other DAWs like Logic, Nuendo, Sonar, Studio One, etc. The good news is, most of the professional level DAWs operate similarly, so the techniques and functions you master on one will mostly translate to any other you have to use. It then just becomes a matter of learning the specific functions, shortcuts, etc. for a new system.

If you have a Mac, I would suggest starting with Logic, as it's the cheapest and most user friendly of the pro DAWs. ProTools also offers heavy discounts for students, so that would also be a good option (less user friendly, more industry standard).