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What is the first year of college like?

Lately I have been getting beat up with college questions and I am curious/ #college #life

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3 answers

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Wael’s Answer

Nothing special! You go to class, listen to the lecture, take notes, then study these notes later. You are going to have exams, projects, and papers. There also going to be clubs and extra curricular just like highschool. Don't make a big deal of it and you will fall in tune in no time.

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Ashley,

Your first year of college will be a quite special time. You will have new life experiences, meet new friends and your daily routine will change dramatically. This is the year where you will find your passions, what avenue you would like to continue to study and figure out the sort of person you are. My advice would be to be involved with as much as you can, study hard and be open to different experiences. Life is about to change, but it will be very worthwhile.



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Ken’s Answer

Hi Ashley!

You asked a very important question!

Here are some helpful tips on mastering the transition:

Here is some information about having fun in college: