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What kind of questions should you ask at an interview?

Got an interview coming up next week and I really want the job #jobs #interviews

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3 answers

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Barry’s Answer

I do nothing but interview people all day long :) My advice is this, do your homework on the company, its competition, challenges to them and their industry. I feel it is critical to understand the role you are interviewing for and its inherent challenges. We are all problem solvers at heart. every role is in place to in-part, solve some problem. Build rapport with the interviewers and especially the hiring manager. Do this by asking meaningful questions about the role. You need to know what its deliverables are, what are the potential road blocks to success, what others in this role have done to enable their success. You have to tie this into your ability to convey that you have solved similar issues. Tie everything back to your ability to get the job done. I hope this helps! Your goal is to find out what keeps the hiring manager up at night and demonstrate that you can help them by giving examples of what you have done in the past to solve similar issues.

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Wael’s Answer

There is no specific question to ask. It depends on the interview itself! Do your research about the company and the position and be prepared to answer the standard interview questions like "Talk about yourself", "Why do you think you are a good fit?" ... If you feel that you don't understand something or you would like to know more information about a certain thing, ask about it.

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Cindy R.’s Answer

Hi Ashley,

Great question! There are no set of standard questions to ask as it depends on the organization and the position. Therefore, the first step is determining what questions you should ask is to do your research. Make sure that you have done thorough research on the company by viewing their website and any other information you can find on the company. Also, become very familiar with the details and requirement of the job.

When giving an opportunity to ask questions, your questions should be relevant to the company and the position you are applying for. Your questions should also project your interest in the company and position and show that you have done your research and are very knowledgeable about both.

Some possible questions to consider are:

  1. Any questions that may be a follow-up to something that they may have mentioned in the interview about the company/position.
  2. Any questions that you may have in reference to what you may have found in your research on the company.
  3. Any questions that you may have about the position that was not answered.

There is a wealth of information on the internet that help you prepare. I have provided a few articles below:




Cindy R. recommends the following next steps:

Review the websites provided above and any others that you may find.
Research the company - review the company website