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what qualit or degree to be conside for one to be a volunteer

am registered midwife looking forward to be a unv #child-psychology

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2 answers

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Wilson’s Answer

Hello leila majuma K.

UNV invites skilled professionals to support the UN system’s response as national UN Volunteers. Join efforts to mitigate the economic, social and health impacts of this crisis, and to safeguard progress made towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. International UN Volunteers may telecommute or be deployed once travel restrictions are lifted.

If you have qualifications and experience in any of the following areas, we encourage you to register (or update your profile) on UNV’s web application system and enter COVID-19 as a keyword in your ‘Motivation Statement’:

1) Health professionals


Respiratory Physicians
ICU/Anesthetic Nurses
Infection Control Nurses
Psychologists (with experience in trauma/stress counselling)
Biomedical/Medical Laboratory Technicians
Public Health

Public Health Specialists (other)
Health Statisticians
Health Surveillance Specialists
2) Non-health professionals

Emergency & Crisis management

Health Emergency Managers
Child Protection Specialists
Programme Management

Monitoring & evaluation Specialists (related to health and/or emergencies), and Reporting
Gender-based Violence Project/Programme Specialists
Health systems

Health Procurement Specialists
Health Supply Chain Specialists (pharmacist, equipment, cold chain)
Sanitation & Hygiene

WASH (with a focus on hygiene) Specialists
Medical Waste Management Specialists
Communications & Data management

Communications for Development Specialists
Information Management Specialist (with experience in health emergencies)
Data Collection & Management Specialists (related to health)
Statistics & others

Socio-economic & Health Assessment Specialists
Economic Development Specialists
Livelihoods Specialists

Candidates need to

have at least two years of professional experience,
be at least 22 years old for national UN Volunteer assignments, and at least 25 years old for international UN Volunteer assignments.
Additional requirements will be described in the Descriptions of Assignment (equivalent to terms of reference). Make sure to check them.

Your profile should highlight any prior experience in health-related emergencies.

Assignment information

Duration: from 3-12 months (with possibility of extension)
Starting date: many will require candidates to be available at short notice (1-2 weeks)
Conditions of service: monthly living allowance to cover housing, basic needs and utilities; settling-in-grant; life, health and permanent disability insurance; return airfares (if applicable).
More details will be included in the specific descriptions of assignments and may vary depending on the volunteer category (national or international UN Volunteer; Specialist or Youth assignment). Check your entitlements here: https://www.unv.org/become-volunteer.
Important notice:

Only complete profiles can be considered. Please make sure that you click on ‘Submit UNV Profile’ once you have created your UNV account and completed all mandatory information. As confirmation of your successful registration, you will receive an email with your UNV roster number.
Including the COVID-19 keyword in your motivation statement will ensure your profile is reviewed with priority for related assignments.
You can also check advertised volunteer assignments regularly using COVID-19 as a keyword to filter.

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Georgelina’s Answer

It depends what your career is. For example for Human Resources you can apply to a different roles such as auxiliar, assistant, etc.