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Whats the best masters program for SLPS?

I plan to apply to graduate program for speechlanguagepathology but looking for a program that does not require GRE
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1 answer

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Alexa’s Answer

Hi Diana,
Each program has its own unique qualities, professors, curriculum, etc. so I would research programs based on your interest. What populations do you like to work with most? Do you have a passion for pediatrics or geriatrics? Some programs tend to focus on the medical side of SLP life and some focus more on the school setting. is a great tool to figure out which school is right for you. It organizes schools by state and it shows the average accepted GPA/GRE score for that school. Speaking of GRE, unfortunately you won’t be able to escape it for a graduate level program. GRE is a tool that all masters level (or entry level doctoral) programs use to measure reading and math competency.

However, there are some schools that don’t require AS high of a GRE score and AS high of a GPA. You will find those on the edfind tool from ASHA. There are also some programs that don’t require letters of recommendation, but those are rare.

All in all, I would put your quality of education first. If this is truly your passion, then you should research schools that have professors that have experience in areas of your interest.

Hope all of this helps!