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hi sir my name keerthana i like to become software what i should take in collage sir plz say me sir

because i like to became software in my life #educator #software

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Tad’s Answer


Software engineers are usually defined by the languages they know. The more the better! But when you're starting out find which one your school handles best. Example Java from Oracle or C# from Microsoft. Then take a course and see if you like that language.

The great news is for either track of major software companies the tools pros use are available for free to students. I happen to be a java specialist, so I will provide you some references below.

I recommend trying a trial here for free and see if you can understand the logic used for Java or Kotlin:

Good luck on your journey!

Tad recommends the following next steps:

https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/#section=windows Jetbrains provides free tools for students, even the community edition works for training and will give you experience in tools used by professional developers
Sign up for https://www.jetbrains.com/academy/ The jetbrains academy was so much better that ANY school course I took. I wish this was available when I was a student :)

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Akshay Surendra’s Answer

Hi Keerthana,

If your college has programming courses take them. I am sure you would enjoy them. Typically, from my experience, they start teaching C or Java in India and it could get a little difficult initially.

If you have never programmed before I strongly recommend you to start your journey with Scratch, it is a graphical programming language tool developed for school learners and is really fun! Try it out!

Install Scratch on your computer from https://scratch.mit.edu/download
and watch the videos at

Hope this helps.
All the Best!