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How do I know that I have chosen a right major without having an idea of what that major consists of?

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I want to be successful in my life, and I believe that attending college will improve my chances. It places a huge amount of pressure on me to pick a major for my career that I am not sure that I will enjoy. With the opportunity to become a first generation college student in my family I don't have as much access to the answers of my questions. I just want to make sure that I'm doing the right thing. #college #counselor

2 answers

Stephanie’s Answer


Hi, Hazer,

Congratualtions on being the first in your family to attend college! That is a significant achievement, and you should feel very proud.

No matter what you major in, college prepares you to think critically and analytically and to be open to new ideas, all of which can prepare you for a career. For example, if you really like English literature but want to become a doctor, you can still major in English and go to medical school, provided you take all the required courses to prepare for medical school, in addition to satisfying the requirements of being an English major. In today's world, you can take many different approaches to most careers. As a grammar-school and high-school student, you proceed from one grade to the next until you graduate; however, in many careers, the path is not necessarily clear-cut, which gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility. For example, as a Communications Consultant, I have had the good fortune to work in -- and to learn from -- a variety of industries (such as health care, insurance, manufacturing, publishing), and in doing so, I continue to evolve professionally by expanding and deepening my skill set. I would recommend you major in something that interests and excites you and take other courses outside of your major that will make you a more well-rounded person. Many colleges are known for certain degrees or focuses, such as engineering, for example, so if that is the type of field that interests you, you might want to look at those types of schools. Spend time researching colleges online. Look at the list of majors each one offers and then look at the specific courses within the majors that interest you. Each of the courses should have a brief description that tells you about what you would learn if you took that class.

But don't feel limited by your choice of major. Also, once you begin college, consider summer internships, which will give you a chance to experience different types of work environments and expand your understanding of possible career choices. Once you start working, there is so much that you will learn from the jobs that you will hold, which in addition to your formal education, will continue to help you evolve professionally. Best of luck to you.

Wael’s Answer


You have to understand that there are no guarantees in life. You have to work hard, hope for the best, and plan for the worst. Having said that, there are some indications that you could rely on to predict the success, or not, laying in the future regarding your career. You have to look at the bases of the majors/career and see if it does fit you. A doctor has to be good in anatomy and chemistry. A dentist has to have artistic hands. A mechanical engineer has to be good in mechanical physics .... Find a career where you naturally excel!