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Don't know what I'm supposed to ask?

I am a golfer and I like to do stuff that involves being outside. #career

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4 answers

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Bill’s Answer

Carson - golf is a big part of the social aspect of many types of business. For example, I'm in the insurance industry working for a insurance carrier, and we play a decent amount of golf with the agents that represent us and sell our coverage. Those agents that sell for us are independent agents, meaning they sell insurance for a number of carriers. My point, while I play some, the agents (successful ones this is) play a lot more. This is done as a way for them to build strong working relationships with their customer and the underwriters at the carriers they work with.

If you want to have a career that allows you the ability to incorporate golf into your work, I know for a fact that the insurance industry will allow you to do so. Granted, you are going to have to put in your time in the office to be a successful insurance salesman, but as you grow your book of business and build your client base, you'll have more and more opportunities to play golf as part of your relationship building / sales process.

If you have any more questions, or want to know more about the industry, let me know.

Good luck.


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Sandeep’s Answer

Hello Carson,
I don't know if many people can understand the depth of your question, but i would like to give it a try.
Whatever you said is from a very clean mind, no if & but, it quite straight. So the point here is a golfer can do as many things as other's do. But the only key factor is whatever you do put you all heart and energy to it and reach the top level of it. There are many professions outside kind of work like photography, auto engineer, driving, sales and other countless thing. You just need to relax yourself and start asking yourself what you like to do or what you want to achieve. Your heart will definitely answer it, so that's your start point, out everything you have and reach to top in life.

Good Luck

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Anthony’s Answer

Hey Carson. I’m happy to try and help answer your question. If you are interested in golf and don’t mind working outside, you can always find roles on a course maintenance staff. Pretty much every course looks for help from high school or college students during the summer to help with general maintenance tasks around the course like weed eating or raking bunkers. If you return for multiple summers, you can often work your way up to greater responsibilities like operating equipment. I personally have worked on 4 different courses for summers or schools semesters and have seen my responsibilities grow each time. With the right degree, you could become a course superintendent and oversee the staff at some point, or potentially transition to the GM of a course.

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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hi Carson!

I saw that you don't know what you're supposed to ask-- and that's okay! You got started with you like golfing and being outside-- are you looking to grow professionally as a golfer, working on a course, or are you just looking for what to do next? The biggest thing is to find what makes you happy-- if you are in fact looking for a job along the lines of being outside/golfing-- start looking for open positions at local golf courses-- always be your authentic self, but be professional-- you never know who you'll meet and when/where!