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Alishia’s Avatar
Alishia Nov 30, 2020 546 views

What techniques could I use to help me improve my grammar?

I would like to better my vocabulary and how I write my sentences. #help

Brittney’s Avatar
Brittney Jan 16, 2018 609 views

What qualities do I need to be a teacher?

I’m asking so I know what to expect when I go to College. #teaching

Carson’s Avatar
Carson Aug 05, 2020 521 views

Don't know what I'm supposed to ask?

I am a golfer and I like to do stuff that involves being outside. #career

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Aug 05, 2020 989 views

What’s a good career/major if you absolutely sucks at everything related to math and numbers but you are pretty good at everything else?

I’ve been struggling a lot in my advanced math classes, but I did exceptionally well in all of my other classes, including physics. Is there any computer related major that doesn’t involve too much math?(No calculus involved please) #math #mathematics #career-options #computer

Ourania’s Avatar
Ourania Jan 22, 2019 552 views

For a Electrician is there ways to advance in your career field ?

Do you need more education. Or how can you get a higher up job ? How can you move forward ?
#teaching #career-path