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What studying methods/practices would you suggest for an undergraduate student to develop before medical school?

I'm a high school senior who will be persuing an undergraduate degree in pre-med, then plan to go to medical school and into the field of radiology. doctor physician radiologist

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Jenna’s Answer

Study skills are important for every major. In general, it's important to keep up with the work,- do the reading, write the paper, etc., and don't cram it all in at the last minute. Make sure you review concepts you've mastered to keep them fresh in your mind. Take advantage of teaching assistants or other tutoring opportunities when they are available, especially if you are challenged in a subject. Continue to work hard and remember, if you pursue a career in medicine, you are most likely going to be working with people. Treat all of your patients and co-workers with kindness, compassion and respect, and understand that they trust you. Comport yourself in a way that will honor your skills and the trust they place in you.
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