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Even though I have a general idea, what exactly is the MCAT?

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Juan M’s Answer

The Medical College Admission Test, better known as the MCAT, is a standardized examination for prospective medical students. It is required for admission into medical schools.

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Melissa’s Answer

The MCAT is about a 7 and 1/2 hour exam that covers a variety of topics including biology, psychology, sociology, physics, and various levels of math. These are broken up into different sections and each person will get a different amount of questions, regarding each topic. I know of some people that have taken the MCAT and had very few physics questions while others had a large amount of physics questions. You can prepare for this exam in various ways by buying MCAT prep books so you can study however and whenever you please, buying access to an online prep course which guides you more by having assignments each day, and even some places offer in person tutoring so that you have complete structure with homework and practice exams. It all depends on which method of learning works best for you. Hope that this helps!