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So, I don´ wanna go to college but i wanna do nails and hair. Do i still have to go to college in order to do nails and hair ?

I like to do hair and nails
I cook
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2 answers

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Juan M’s Answer

Hello! If you want to work in the beauty industry by simply focusing on doing nails and hair, you do not have to attend a 4-year college or university. However, you do need to attend a technical college or a beauty school. In order to do nails and nail professionally at a beauty salon or nail place, you need a license (For example, being a licensed cosmetologist). The length of the programs can vary by school and its often times a "hands-on" experience.

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi McKenzie,
I agree with Juan. You need to go to a Beauty School or technical school to be licensed to work at a Nail Salon. The one thing I would add is that if you hope to one day own, or manage your own, Nail Salon, or business, I would encourage you to take some business classes, as it would advantageous to any future growth in your career.
Good luck!