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Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jul 30, 2022 656 views

I love to do stuff with my hands but I don’t know what career I want can you help me pls

I love algebra and I wanna do a job that I do stuff with my hands build an item and I wanna be in the engineering department but I don’t know what type is the best or the medical field but I don’t want it to be a lot of years of studying I don’t like sitting on a desk or using the computer...

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Aug 03, 2022 1148 views

Job seeker with lack of experience

I am applying for jobs and many of them require at least one or more years of experience. Is it worth it to apply even if I lack that experience?

Thank you!

Micah’s Avatar
Micah Aug 03, 2021 520 views

Where can I get a job where I am can you do the things I like to do

I like to do #Hair And #MakeUp those things are fun to me because I would like to be in a # #architect cosmetology field

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Mar 18, 2021 674 views

What is the hardest part about educating and training?

I am a middle school student and I took a quiz in class that told me education and training would be a good career choice for me. #school #student #graduate-school #high-school-classes #college #education #training

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Mar 15, 2021 417 views

Is the balance/salary of this job the balance you expected for your career?

I am just wondering about the cost of your jobs #money #career-choice

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Mar 15, 2021 467 views

Are you afraid that you might not make as much money as you expected?

I am just curious if anyone was worried about it #money #income #money-management #career #career-choice

Rashad’s Avatar
Rashad Mar 16, 2021 584 views

how many years do trainers work be retiring

#work #working #training #social-work #work-life-balance

Jozlyn Johnson’s Avatar
Jozlyn Johnson Feb 16, 2021 1159 views

What are the requirements to become a makeup artist? and What kind of personality do you need to have?

My name is Jozlyn Johnson i am turning 18 in a month. I absolutely love doing hair and makeup.This was my original career i wanted too do before i wanted to become a lawyer. I live in Virginia the city of Chesapeake. #makeup #cosmetology #artist #modeling

An Awesome Student’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 921 views

I want to know about make-up artists. Why did they want to do this job and what made them do it?

Hello! I'm Ms. Tingle at the International Community School. My 5th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks so much!

#makeup #artist

rachyl’s Avatar
rachyl Mar 02, 2021 659 views

Is it true studying in Europe is better?

I have heard it's cheaper but I know you usually go to college where you can pursue a career. Are there many career opportunities in Europe? If so, what type of career is most needed? Do you end up living there? #europe #careeroppurtunities #studyingabroad #livingabbroad #careers #germany...

Markia’s Avatar
Markia Jan 16, 2018 698 views

In what ways could I expand my demographic of clientele re: being a salon owner?

#beauty #hairdresser #beautifician #hairbraider #salonowner

Michaela’s Avatar
Michaela Jun 11, 2016 1859 views

What are some good jobs for someone with strong people skills?

I want to work with people but I don't know what careers could best suit my skillset. #social-work #social #skills #people #personal-development

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 17, 2020 742 views

Are beauty schools accredited?

#makeup #beauty

yo’s Avatar
yo Sep 18, 2020 566 views

What careers could be a good fit for someone who is in cosmetology?

I'm a sophomore is high school but i love doing hair and nails and everything in that nature. I made it a side hustle to do whenever I #money #fun need money or something like that and I want to know what careers I can do when I grow up . #cosmetology #beauty

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 10, 2020 482 views

So what if I want to become a neonatal nurse in my future but also have a small career in the makeup industry?

Being a neonatal nurse is my dream job but I also like doing makeup #neonatal #makeup