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In what ways could I expand my demographic of clientele re: being a salon owner?

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2 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

Trying bringing in different services that could attract different ages or demographics like hairstylists who have a good foundation of trichology, and specialists work with clients with hair loss, as well as other hair and scalp issues, or Curly Hair Specialists. You might also consider a Senior Hair Care Specialist. Creativity might not be the top benefit of working with older clients (although more and more senior ladies are rocking fashion colors). Statistics show that older people might not receive as much human touch as when they were younger, so for them the contact of a hair service is truly special.
Curly hair requires a special touch. I know first hand how hard it is to find someone who understands the importance of specific cutting and coloring techniques requires to address curly hair and its various textures. You could hire an Extensions Expert, with more and more clients are embracing extensions for length, volume or a fun touch of color, you would want someone with brand-specific training.
Kids cuts also require someone with a different skill-set. Obviously you have to love children and it require patience and a way of talking to them that calms them down.
You might also considering bringing in some other skills like brow or lash extension specialists or having a blow-out bar can be very helpful.

Good luck!
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Vivian’s Answer

I would hire different age, level of skills and nationalities.