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What careers could be a good fit for someone who is in cosmetology?

I'm a sophomore is high school but i love doing hair and nails and everything in that nature. I made it a side hustle to do whenever I #money #fun need money or something like that and I want to know what careers I can do when I grow up . #cosmetology #beauty

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5 answers

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Lisa’s Answer


What a fun profession it is to make people feel great! I'm giving advice on what I've heard from my friends in the beauty business.

They all, of course, have some level of schooling as certifications and licenses are very important in this business.

When you are able, look for jobs at a department store cosmetic counter - many cosmetic companies provide excellent training and education about their lines. Many of our larger department stores and shops like Ulta and Sephora are great places to learn, learn, learn.

Also, you might consider a job in journalism for a magazine. A favorite of mine is Allure which has lots of great articles about beauty and the advances in that field. Seems their staff members are always trying out lots of cosmetics to write about as well!

Do you like podcasts? I've recently been listening to a series called "Second Life" which focuses on successful women in many career areas. There are several interviews with women who have great success in the cosmetic or skincare business and they share their secrets and tips. The stories are fascinating and inspiring; I think you would really enjoy them. Just find it on the podcast app on your smart phone. A favorite of mine is "Linda Wells: Flesh Beauty Founder and Revlon Chief Creative Officer".

And lastly, offer your services around town! Find a wedding photographer and ask her if she would refer you to clients who are getting engagement or wedding pictures taken. Or what about graduations? Connect with a photographer for those opportunities. Have friends who are having a special party? Offer to do their makeup. You might have to offer some free services to get started but once you start building a good reputation you can consider charging for your services. Think of how you would brand your business and create some business cards that you can hand out. And be your best customer! Put on your best face when you go out and if people ask about your make up you just say, "why I did it myself!"

I wish you much luck!

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Alexandra’s Answer

I can tell you what my experience has been working in beauty industry for over 17 years and what I did to get there.
I originally worked as a makeup artist when I was putting myself through drama school and got a lot of experience doing the make up on short films and working actor friends every time they needed a makeup artist to do their make up for headshot photoshoots. This would later open doors for me to work with various photographers asking me to assist some great makeup artists who taught me a lot and opened my eyes to how tough the industry can be especially as freelance artist. Intrigued to hone in my skills I studied Makeup at a reputable school getting certified hoping to develop more skills to be able to focus on theatre, tv and editorial work. However freelance work is competitive and can be irregular and fickle. So in that time I also spend a lot of time doing social makeup for weddings, christenings, parties etc.; I would also host a lost of makeup classes for groups of friends at wedding showers, birthday parties etc, to help make ends meet, between theatre production and editorial photo shoot.
If the industry was competitive then, I can't tell you how tough it can be now with the rise of social media and the growth f Indie beauty brands. However... I can tell you that I was go happy when I got the opportunity to work for a reputable cosmetic company 17 years ago as a makeup artist holding instore activations, events, masterclasses and educating instore Beauty advisors on our products and artistry techniques. After that I never looked back.
There are two sides of this you can work on. Either you can join on the retailer side by working as a nail technician, makeup artist or hair stylist for a retailer like Sephora, Ulta, Blue Mercury or a Specialty/Department store cosmetic counter. Or you can do what I did and work directly for a Beauty Brand or the vendor/corporate side. Whichever side you choose to follow you can find exciting and fulfilling opportunities.
Of course you can also follow the of working in a salon too. My best advice is study hard, go to a good school, get your certifications, study on your own, looking at what other great artist do, what makes them unique or the best at what they do, and build your skills, because matter how talented you are, if you don't develop your skills, there will always be someone else as talented as you who might be willing to work a little harder; but if you love it, you will get such joy out of everything you do and work will be fulfilling and fun :) Good luck and enjoy!!

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Felicia’s Answer

You could run your own salon business, stylist for film theater, or makeup artist.

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C.Peaches’s Answer

In 2020, your cosmetology license certifies you as an expert representative in insurance claims. Also in medical boutiques that offer plastic and cosmetic menus. When you add to your license, degrees in nursing or legal the combined background can quickly gross you nearly five thousand a day, in only a few years.
Sky's is the limit as long as you do not limit yourself to just hair. Much success to you on your journey into cosmetology.

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Elizabeth’s Answer

Well there are several things you can do depending on what you enjoy the most. Obviously you can become a hair stylist and/or makeup artist and provide services.
If you do services you can work for a salon earning a percentage; freelance and build up a mobile business working with photographers for fashion shoots, weddings etc...
Other ways you can use these skills is in retail; there are beauty companies in hair and cosmetics that have in house makeup artists and hair dressers to test/teach their products.
You could always work for a theater/media etc... offering these services and you can also end up teaching in a beauty school when you have enough experience.
Good luck!