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Lisa Domer

Human Resources Project Specialist
Management Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Orange, California
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Janel’s Avatar
Janel Oct 26, 2020 505 views

What advice would you give to someone thats considering being a baker

I am a 17 year old girl #baker

madison’s Avatar
madison Oct 02, 2020 753 views

if i wanted to try out for basketball what would be the best tips to make the team?

#athlete #athlete #athlete i always wanted to show people i wanted to be good in sports but i didn't have a way to show them that i was good enough for any other sports i liked. #school #gpa

Natalia’s Avatar
Natalia Oct 01, 2020 940 views

What does an HR Generalist actually do?

#career-counseling #college-advice #human-resources

Shantrell’s Avatar
Shantrell Sep 04, 2020 559 views

How can you help me determine a future career?

I am a sophomore at HillCrest High School I want to be successful but i don't know what my future goals are. #career-choice #help

yo’s Avatar
yo Sep 18, 2020 560 views

What careers could be a good fit for someone who is in cosmetology?

I'm a sophomore is high school but i love doing hair and nails and everything in that nature. I made it a side hustle to do whenever I #money #fun need money or something like that and I want to know what careers I can do when I grow up . #cosmetology #beauty

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Sep 21, 2020 1233 views

For someone who has no clue what direction they want to go. what advice would you have for me right now while I am in highschool?

I thought that I wanted to be a dental hygienist for most of highschool, but last year when I went to job shadow one I realized how much I really didn't want to do that forever. I have no clue what direction I want to go and as I am now a senior I am getting worried because I feel like I need...

faith’s Avatar
faith Sep 28, 2020 550 views

how do i get a job surfing?