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What are some good jobs for someone with strong people skills?

Updated Land O' Lakes, Florida

I want to work with people but I don't know what careers could best suit my skillset. #social-work #social #skills #people #personal-development

3 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas


It is awesome that you are able to recognize your strengths at such a young age! Strong people skills can open the doors to a wide array of careers. Starting with the hospitality industry. Guest service reps in hotels, flight attendants or other airport positions, cruise ships; the food service industry, which is a subset of hospitality. Waitresses at high end restaurants make really good money. You could move from any of these positions into supervisor or trainer. Corporate training can also be a lucrative career.

What else?Healthcare, law enforcement, social services, teaching, coaching, physical therapy, veterinarian, personnel recruiter, etc.

It appears you have an interest in entertaining. That will also be good, or, you could keep that as a side job while working in another career-field.

The true art of having people skills is the ability to listen more than you speak, and to understand what is being said.

I suggest identifying what other sort of things interest you. For example, if you are not into math and science, healthcare might not be at the forefront of your career choices. If you are adamantly opposed to working a midnight shift, or want your weekends off, law enforcement is probably out. Keep looking for what else interest you, as just about every field out there has some aspect of it where a person with good people skills would fit in!

best of luck!


Alyssa’s Answer

Updated Indianapolis, Indiana

Michaela I'd ask your school counselor if they have an interest inventory that they recommend. If they don't have one Minnesota State offers this survey. https://www.careerwise.mnscu.edu/careers/clusterSurvey It seem to have some pretty good information if you click through the results.

There are tons of jobs for people who are good at interacting with others, teaching, healthcare, business, human services, hospitality and tourism management, law enforcement, marketing, sales, agribusiness, communication, human resources, journalism, or government and public admin. Those are just some general fields and their are lots more. So, if you have an idea of what you're interested in I'd be happy to think of some jobs related to it! I wish you the best in your career search!

Wael’s Answer

Updated Redford Charter Township, Michigan

Anything in marketing and sales would be great. Social media marketing is a big thing now. Check it out.