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Tsz Ho Y.’s Avatar
Tsz Ho Y. Feb 25, 2020 368 views

Which position in a company is responsible for doing market forecasting?

I am a economics and finance student and realise that my knowledge from school can be applied in the field of market forecasting. However, I am not sure about which position in a company is responsible for doing forecasting and maybe pricing as well. Right now I am a university student, I also...

Deanicia D.’s Avatar
Deanicia D. Oct 28, 2016 42490 views

When asked the question, "Why do you want this job" what's the best way to respond?

When I apply, this is the most common question, however, I do not really know what they expect in an answer. #science #technology #mathematics #interviews #interview-questions #job-application

Abby G.’s Avatar
Abby G. Oct 27, 2016 1512 views

What questions should I be asking during an interview?

I am a second year college student hoping to interview for an internship soon. #internships #interviews #recruiting #interview-questions #job-application

Deanicia D.’s Avatar
Deanicia D. Oct 28, 2016 5463 views

Should I talk about my failures when being interviewed for a job?

I read an article about how a recruiter who interviews students got an answer of "I expect failure" from one of the students. Then they went and wrote an article on how this answer was amazing. Should I do the same and state some failures like struggles in class or should I keep that to myself....

Uniququa S.’s Avatar
Uniququa S. Aug 24, 2018 467 views

How do I get a job on campus?

Like a work -study or a job that understands my schedule but still gives me hours and good pay
#job #jobs

francisco J.’s Avatar
francisco J. Sep 16, 2020 299 views

how do i know what skills i have for a job

#job #jobs

Sam K.’s Avatar
Sam K. Mar 15, 2021 646 views

I would ask a financial analyst what kind of data they analyze and what kind of company do they work for.

9th grader trying to learn more about this career for class #career #career-options #career-choice #job

kenny C.’s Avatar
kenny C. Mar 15, 2021 308 views

do you regret your choice of what job you chose?

#job-market #job #first-job #jobs

Cherlyn J.’s Avatar
Cherlyn J. Mar 12, 2021 209 views

What is something you dislike about your job?

I'm looking into becoming an interior designer #jobs #job

udhaya K.’s Avatar
udhaya K. Mar 03, 2021 230 views

give me some tips to create a resume

give me some tips to create a resume

Jade B.’s Avatar
Jade B. Jan 12, 2021 247 views

Im having a hard time choosing the course that I will be taking for college

Im into mass communication,journalism,political science, psychology,oublic administration,international relations that's my options.Also I want to be in a fashion industry since its my hobby and broadcasting since Im joining contests before about it. #general

Yvania C.’s Avatar
Yvania C. Mar 12, 2021 226 views

what is the best way to learn camera skills?

I'm a visual learner #general

Erin C.’s Avatar
Erin C. Apr 01, 2020 387 views

How do you know that what you want to do in life you are actually going to enjoy it

Dance , friends,family, animals, babysitting,high school, future, south boston , bccs #school

Abigail S.’s Avatar
Abigail S. Jan 27, 2021 337 views

what career path would suit me

i reallly like to teach people things but i also like to help animals and people but i can't choose a career path. #career-paths #career-path #career-paths

Juliana P.’s Avatar
Juliana P. Feb 26, 2021 424 views

How did you decide your career path/ was there any specific moment where you realized what you´re passionate about and wanted to pursue?

Im a junior in high school and I don´t really have a set idea on what career path I want to take. I am passionate about different things but I dont know exactly what I would like to pursue, and I´m wondering how I can get to the place to make that decision. #career-paths #career-path...