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how many years do trainers work be retiring

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4 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Rashad, Trainers work like any other career and the earliest they can expect to retire is 62-65, however how you set up your work life balance is a different matter and depends on the company you work for and other aspects of how you work.

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Kyle’s Answer

This would also depend on the company you work for, benefits, and how you set yourself up financially. Not so much based on the job title itself.

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Vivek’s Answer


I am assuming the question correctly phrased is "how many years do trainers work before retiring"

The answer to this broad question is "it depends..." What it depends on include:
1) Your expected lifestyle... Just like in any other profession, if you live a simple lifestyle and want to continue a simple lifestyle after retirement, you can retire earlier compared to a lifestyle where you use your salaried income to live for the max; assuming rest of circumstances are the same.

2) It depends where you want to work and where you want to ultimately retire. If you are intending to retire in a city, you obviously need to have more financial aid and therefore work longer prior to retiring. Retiring early becomes an option if you are fine with living in remote town where house prices and daily expenses are more affordable..

3) What employer you work with and under what circumstances (full time, part-time regular or freelance). Freelance trainers can be a good source of income in better economic times but a permanent stable job will help you have enough savings to retire earlier. Other factors also include who your clients are if you are working as a freelance. Being a freelance trainer can have more flexibility but can lead to self- responsibility to find clients, convince them of your abilities, and delivery quality work.

Hope above suggestion helps and wish you all the best

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Dan’s Answer

Hi Rashad,
Alexandra and Kyle's answers are spot on. There really is a lot of variability in retirement age for trainers (and most jobs for that matter). As trainers, you can work for a company and have more set work hours per week, or a trainer can be "freelance" where they select which jobs they work on. While being a freelance trainer can have more flexibility (when to work, who to work with, how much you work) it also puts the responsibility on yourself to find clients, convince them of your abilities, and delivery quality work. Therefore, many freelance trainers do this towards the ends of their careers after they have established their areas of expertise and exposure to potential clients. I share this because once you become a freelancer, you can choose to work fewer hours later in your career and "semi-retire"...only working a few jobs per year... when you want and with the clients you want. This provides optimal work-life balance.

I hope this helps...best of luck,

Dan recommends the following next steps:

I would suggest contacting a corporate trainer or training company and ask if you can have an "informational interview" to better understand the trainer job.