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How many years of schooling does it take to be a physical trainer?

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3 answers

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Hooman’s Answer

If by physical trainer you mean personal trainer (i.e. a personal trainer at a gym), read on. If you mean something else then maybe not!

I'm currently studying to become a certified personal trainer myself. Technically becoming a personal trainer requires zero years of schooling. The requirements are:
- Be 18 years old
- Have a high school diploma
- Be certified in administering CPR/AED (another simple course you need to take)
- Take a personal training course from an accredited organization (NASM and ACE are the biggest two in the US)
- Pass the personal training exam (CPT) from an accredited organization (NASM and ACE are the biggest two in the US)
- Have a passion for helping people become and stay healthy and fit!

Source: https://www.nasm.org/how-to-become-a-personal-trainer

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Daniel Eduardo’s Answer

Hi! I'm a trainer of a professional baseball team in my country, to achieve it I had to study 5 years in my career as a physiotherapist and after that, 1 year in specialization.

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Chet’s Answer

If you mean Physical Therapist (e.g. post-injury/op rehab), you will generally need to earn a PT degree after a bachelors degree in a related area of study (Biology, Kinesiology, etc.).

If you can update your question to clarify I think you will get more detailed answers.

Wish you all the best in your journey!