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Allie H. Aug 19, 2016 420 views

What's it like being in Sports Medicine?

I have always wondered what it's like for people treating athletes in this field. It is challenging, rewarding? #sports-medicine #sports #kinesiology #healthcare...


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Devin F. Jan 20, 2018 286 views

Do you have tips for adjusting to being away from home for the first time?

I'm fairly independent but I'm very close with my family. How do you deal with being away from home and living with roommates in a dorm? #first-year #living-away-from-home #dorm-life...


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javenique M. Aug 07, 2018 213 views
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Navid N. Feb 10 148 views

How long is an internship?

Anthropology and English student in college #anthropology #english #education...


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Aghia M. Apr 27 153 views

How can I find remote research/internship oportunities this summer?

Hi! I just finished my freshmen year of undergrad and was supposed to enroll in a research project this summer. unfortunately all the programs that I applied to are cancelled due to covid-19. was wondering if I could still find some online research related programs. #research #internship...

#science #medical

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Tea F. Jul 23 120 views

What are ways to keep children learning in a non-academic setting, especially while quarantining?

With school being online, children being in daycare, the lack of summer camps, clubs, and other activities, it's becoming harder to help children continue to learn in a fun way. Many students, including myself, have found it difficult to learn from online classes: the material just doesn't...

#school #teacher #july20 #help #education #children