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Can you help me with different sports jobs?

My name is Jerry I´m 15 years old i go to Boston collegiate charter school and I play sports. #athlete #sports

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3 answers

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Christian’s Answer

Hi Jerry,

The amount of things you can do in sports is rather large. Believe it or not, the education you are getting now is a good start and depending on you opportunities college will open more doors. Between playing, coaching, managing, running the venue, ticket sales, marketing, compliance officer. As you can see there are many opportunities. Get a bit more specific on what you like and we can look at pointing you in a better direction.

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Thomas’s Answer


Only with time will you be able to figure out what career path you will choose when you enter the sports industry (especially in your last two years of college). You must try different roles and sacrifice many hours of your time to get ahead. I have done everything from teaching, coaching, training, therapy, events, managing facilities and staff, etc. The educational background you choose is just as important. I chose a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Exercise Science for my first degree and an Master of Business Administration in Sports and Recreation Management for my second degree.

Networking is another top priority! You are more likely to land a position with a team or venue when someone you know has the ability to bring you on. Volunteer. Intern. Work part-time with a team. Learn as much as you can. Be good to people. Work hard. Have fun in the process!

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Brittany’s Answer

There are so many that it's hard to narrow down a response for you, but I've included some links to careers within sports (outside of being actual players) that can give you a start in exploring your options. Hope this helps!