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What's it like being in Sports Medicine?

I have always wondered what it's like for people treating athletes in this field. It is challenging, rewarding? #sports-medicine #sports #kinesiology #healthcare #doctor

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2 answers

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Abhishek’s Answer

Hi Allie,

Sports medicine is a carrier in which you need to take care of sports person, when they participate in any tournaments. You need to help them before and during the tournaments and heal them in case of any injuries. Sports person need to be at the top of their fitness level in order to perform well on the field.

Sports medicine is one of the promising carriers now as more and more tournaments are coming up and many professional leagues are already there. There is lot of money invested on players and franchises want their players to be healthy to participate in the tournaments. 

You can train yourself for physiotherapist, who usually goes along with players during their tournaments. Other options can be like top-flight trainer, psychologist, nutritionist, physician etc

Sport medicine specialist can also work as counsellors/consultants, which can help sports person improve their fitness level. 

Abhishek recommends the following next steps:

You can go through below links for careers in sports medicine https://www.verywellhealth.com/sports-medicine-careers-1736194 https://www.topmastersinhealthcare.com/faq/what-degree-is-needed-for-a-career-in-sports-medicine/

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Thomas’s Answer

Sports Medicine consist of different disciplines! Finding the right career field is the challenge part. For example, sports performance (like strength and conditioning) that helps athletes prevent injury and prepares them in terms of conditioning for their in-season competition. Another example is athletic training or physical therapy. Caring for athletes on and off the field of play (injury rehab). Don’t forget specializing in orthopedics; which is more invasive in nature and requires medical school. Sports medicine can also involve biomechanics, research, sport psychology like mental conditioning, coaching, nutrition and other forms of medicine. Do you find these career fields interesting? Can you perform them at a high level?

Sports medicine is broad to say the least. I hope this helps!