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I'm interested in Entrepreneurship. Is an entrepreneurial degree my best option?

Asked De Pere, Wisconsin

Would a business degree or something else be a better route? #entrepreneur

2 answers

Anthony’s Answer

Hello Carter, I can help try and explain this from a current students point of view. Entrepreneurship is a great option to explore for a college degree, but I do not think it is necessary. Typically colleges and universities around the US will have career centers and programs based around helping forward minded people similar to yourself. They will have an abundance of resources for you at your finger tips. A degree in Entrepreneurship is not a bad option, it will teach you a lot of necessary skills you need to develop yourself into the leader and founder you hope to be. Personally I decided to get a Finance degree. I choose this avenue because it helped me learn more about the industry as a whole, as well as setting me up for the potential to find a job, if my entrepreneurial ideas do not pan out. Essentially it is a very strong safety net for you to fall into. I encourage you to go after all of your ideas and remember that choosing a degree outside of entrepreneurship does not mean you can't pursue all of your ideas.

Jessica’s Answer

It's a good option, but it's not the only option! I would highly recommend associating and pursuing a successful entrepreneur and have them mentor you. You can learn things in school but when it comes to real life, they are going to be the best help to you.