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hey i wanna be a obgyn nurse but dont know where to start i was wounder if you can help me with that?

i am a very nice person help people in needed i finna start my own business and going to college so i can be a obgyn nurse career jobs success

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3 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer

I wasn't sure about the steps you would need to take so I looked it up:,provide%20more%20opportunities%20for%20employment%20and%20subsequent%20advancement.

First, you need to get your RN at an accredited nursing school. The bachelor's degree affords you more opportunities than an associate's degree, but according to the website, it is possible to get an RN with an associate's degree. I've heard (word of mouth) that most places prefer that you have the bachelor's, however. Then you have to pass an exam in order to practice nursing; then you work as a nurse for at least 2 years, preferably in a hospital's childbirth center or an OBGYN medical practice that caters to pregnant women and THEN you can pursue specialization in OBGYN (and take another exam to become certified). This is the short answer. I would look at some websites; you can also pursue the 2 year associate's degree program for the RN (find a community college in your area with an accredited RN program), then transfer to a four year college to get the BSN, but you would need to find out if the coursework and credits are compatible. Usually state schools have some kind of arrangement with the 2 year colleges, but you would want to check with their nursing program. It seems as if the OBGYN would require a few years of practice in that field before you could get the certification.

Rebecca recommends the following next steps:

Look for nursing programs at the colleges in your area (2 and 4 year schools)
Look at the curriculum/course requirements for nursing to decide if you would do well in those courses.
Contact the school's admissions office to find out whether they have an accredited nursing program.
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Valerie’s Answer

Hi there!
My aunt is a nurse so she helped me understand the process to get you there.
Once you graduate high school, you will go on to college. There is a nursing major at colleges that will set you up to nurse in any specialty (obgyn) that you want. You will have to pass the NCLEX, and after that you can apply for any nursing jobs!
Best of luck
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Lacee’s Answer

Hi Kendrekia,
When you say you want to be an OBGYN nurse...are you meaning a staff nurse (RN) or nurse practitioner (FNP)? In order to be a staff nurse, you could start your college career by earning your AS in Nursing. This degree would get you licensed as a RN to be able to practice bedside nursing where you could work in hospitals within the maternity department.

Additionally, if you are more interested in the FNP route, you would still need to obtain your RN license but then would proceed onto obtaining your Masters in Nursing. Within this program, you will have different opportunities for clinical and specialties.

Nursing is a great field with many opportunities. I wish you the best in your journey!