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Are there any writing tips for young authors?

I’m currently writing a book, and am looking toward publishing in the future. Is there anything I can do to make sure my writing it at it’s best?
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7 answers

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Kate’s Answer

As a historian who has published several articles, my best advice is to let other people read your drafts and be open to criticism. Getting a lot of perspectives on both the story and how it is written will help you edit your work and clue you in to things you might have missed. Ask questions like, "Is the story easy to follow?" "Were the characters developed?" and most importantly, "Does this bring something new to my genre/field/topic?" Be brutally honest with yourself as you get their feedback and reread your work in light of their comments and recommendations. Publication is very subjective, and it does depend on the market, reader trends, and whether publishing companies will get a return on their investment in printing and promoting your book. Above all, always keep writing. You get better and better every time your pen hits the page. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your answer, and I’m definitely going to keep writing and reviewing my work. Abby F.

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Terry’s Answer

Read. Read, read, read as much as you can. Read books that you wish you had written. Read books that are in the style, theme, genre you like and want to write. Read like a writer, which means take notes on how something is written. Is it written with a first person, second, or omniscient narrator? What are the character arcs? What is the main story and the secondary or tertiary stories?

As far as grammar, reading will teach you grammar. Grammarly and Google can fill in the rest.

Good luck!

Thanks for your help! I’ll try to read more like a writer when I pick up my next book! Abby F.

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Laura’s Answer

I would suggest joining a writing group where you critique the work of others and they do the same for your work. It's a very humbling experience, but one that will allow you to gather input from a variety of people. You could meet weekly and it really pushes you to write and make your writing better.

Are there any places I can join writing groups? Abby F.

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Emma’s Answer

I write a lot about my journey as I worked toward becoming a published author. Maybe one or many of my blog posts will be of help to you?
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Richard’s Answer

The first suggestion is to read extensively in the genre of interest. You will learn the craft and style of that genre. Next, write every day at a specific time and continue the process until it becomes a habit. To help with this, set up a writing space and explain to those around you "that you can not be disturbed during this time." Also, while writing, turn off all electronic devices and devote the time to writing. You must limit any distractions during this "sacred" time.

Build-in brakes during the writing session, and this is the time to check your electronic devices.

To support your work, subscribe to a free application that will monitor your progress in terms of spelling, grammar, and style. I suggest Grammarly. It's free and easy to use.

Writing is an art and it requires work and revision. Create an outline and treat your first draft as a way to "get your ideas down." Then your next drafts you will edit and revise your work.

The secret is to read and write every day.

Thank you answering my question and I’ll be sure set up a space for my writing Abby F.

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Bryan’s Answer

As an editor, as stated above, know your subject... but before that, know what you want to write, who your audience is and how to communicate effectively with them. Being 53 years old, I would be amiss if I were to write about the Tik Tok app and how it affects my daily life. Instead, I either focus on what I know, or learn intensely about what I don't. Learning a style of writing is important. Look into the Associated Press Style Book 12 for some guidance on how to write for general public consumption. It is a very handy resource when learning communication styles which eventually can translate into your writing style.

Thank you for your response, and I’ll be sure to look into the Associated Press Style for guidance. Abby F.

12 is the most recent version. Older versions are available for free pdf download out on the interwebs. Bryan Hildebrand

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Yogita’s Answer

Hi Abby,
It's great that you are already writing. The best way to make your writing better is to get feedback and improve. You can join a small community or can network with some writers on social media and connect to get feedback on your writing. But before that, I will suggest you to go through it yourself and find gaps and fill them, reread and edit where you think some improvement is needed, repeat this multiple times. You can also join some online sessions where you can share your work and welcome criticism.
Some tips for Young Authors as you are:
1. Don't Stop, continue to write and write.
2. Read voraciously. Find the style of writing your like, and then explore what is your style of writing.
3. Write about things you know and things you love. This will pour in a special touch in your writing.
4. Also Research areas you are writing on, its fun.
5. You can start with writing short stories. You can also write for some publications or guest blogs for a start.
6. The most important thing is to love writing and to take criticism like a champ and improve.
Again Read, Write, Relax.

Thanks for you advice, and I’ll definitely look into different kinds of books to broaden my writing! Abby F.