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Is being a Graphic Designer at a studio/company a better option than being a Freelance Designer?

I am soon going to graduate if I can get my act together and I have been trying to figure out what companies I should intern at. In the end I always thought being a freelance artist would be cool because of the flexibility in my schedule but after taking my last Entertainment Graphics Class and Internship class I realize that it might be in my best interest to be part of a design firm. I could go for either but should I try freelancing first for a while or should I go straight into a company somewhere? #graphic-design

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2 answers

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Allen’s Answer


I would recommend you try and become part of a design firm or agency first. It will help you build a portfolio as well as help you understand how the day-to-day what happens at an agency. That said, I always considered being a freelancer kind of like dating. You get to know new people and decide whether or not you want to develop a longer term relationship. Best of luck to you!

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Cuong’s Answer

Your options is at crossroads, working at a studio/company will limited your freedom but always a secure pay while freelance, you can have your own work hours whenever you want as long as you get the job done but it is very risky if you're not well-known.

Like Allen said below, look for small design firm/agencies that to start off, think of being part-time so you get the feel of it. Working somewhere first does build up your portfolio and experience and you can still do freelance even when you're working. From there, you see the difference.