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Do they have something that can help my modeling career in college

I like fashion so i want to show off new close in shoes. #fashion

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Mindy’s Answer

Hi Nadia!!

Fashion is such an exciting career perspective! Especially modeling... now they are going to be those that will tell you it’s a tough industry to break into but what I would initially share with you is to not be discouraged and follow your dream.

First I would recommend starting local… Looks like you’re in Memphis which is a cool city that has its own art and fashion scene. Research some local brands that you like. Often times these local brands though maybe not doing fashion shows so to speak, we’re trying to promote their products through social media. So there could be opportunities to be a brand ambassador sharing some other items through your social media platforms.

I would also look into local fashion design programs either through specific fashion schools or even a lot of local colleges offer programs in fashion. These are not necessarily for you to attend unless you decide that’s what you want to do. But often times schools like these at least 1 to 2 times a year have a student showcase and the students need models for their work.

My final suggestion would be to look into local modeling agencies. Often times not all these may be doing the most glamorous work but there are many models out there who got their start doing campaigns for catalogs and print ads locally. Just be careful as there are some predatory companies that pose as modeling agencies but are actually schemes to get people to pay money. So just do your homework here, look at the reviews visit them in person and and ask for examples of reputable clients they have

Best of luck to you!!