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How does someone that wants to build cars for foreign car companies apply for a job there?

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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hi Darell!
It dependens is recommendable that first you work at the company in your country, and if that company dont have headquarters in your country you can find the available jobs in te web page of the company or in linkedin, is a good way to start, create you account in Linkedind and start making connections and to know people that work on that company, and also you can gain experience in another car company in your country and then go for that job in the company you have ever dream, I am sure you can accomplish that! good luck and the best of the wishes!

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Jac’s Answer

Look up companies you're interested in and look at their job postings. Learn about the company by checking out their website. Filter what you want to read about the company by what's important to you - values, mission statement, initiatives, products, their executive team, etc. Most companies have a Careers page.

Even if they're not hiring or don't have a Careers page, go to LinkedIn and look up the company. Search by Jobs first to see if there happens to be a posting on LinkedIn that's not on their company website.

Then go back to LinkedIn and search by Company. There's a link on the far left that says "See all ### employees on LinkedIn ." You'll see people who work there and if you're directly connected or have a mutual connection. First, look for direct connections or mutual connections so you can ask the mutual connection for an introduction. Goal is to get an informational interview.

If you don't have any direct connections or mutual connections, reach out to them on LinkedIn blind. Say you're really interested in their company and would love to learn about them, their role, and what it's like to work at the company. Ask for 15min of their time so it's not a big commitment, and also include something along the lines of, "I know you're busy so understand if now isn't a good time to connect. Thanks for your consideration." You want to tell them it's OK if they say no to give them space and show respect.

If the informational interview goes well, perhaps you can ask for a referral or know if any job openings might be coming out soon. You may also ask if there's anyone else they recommend you speak to - whether at the company or someone in the same role you're looking for that works at a different company. This shows genuine interest and keeps the social learning alive. It's all about networking and making connections - it's the fastest and most common way to get a job.